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My practice explores the position of opposites. I am fascinated by the nature of 'duality' and the cognitive dissonance created when opposites collide. 


Working across different media supports my aim to test things in opposition; paper and cloth, digital and analogue, movement and stillness, 2d & 3d, opacity & transparency.  I am searching for the potential in this limitation whilst simultinouly exploring the limitation within said potential. 


Influenced by the psychology of failure and error. I study philosophies and art theory of glitch. I am inspired by water; I do a lot of my thinking whilst swimming. It is the feeling as well as the aesthetics of water that captivates my mind. The impossibility of being able to float on and sink below the surface.  I have spent a lot of time in looking into the pool/body of water to the world below, it wasn't until I began to look at the surface from below that I understood the importances of swimming. 

I began thinking about concepts of REALITY whilst studying a Masters in Visual Arts, Printmaking at Camberwell School of Art, Ual, in 2008. At that time I was interested in fear, and questioned what I was scared of. This led me to think about what makes up ones consciousness, the internal verse the external life. I researched virtual and simulated realities and eventually looked to the spiritual practice of shamanism as a vechical to visualise my findings, thoughts and feelings. I was awarded a Graduate Print Prize by Jealous Gallery for this work. To date the Screen Print produced is held in the V&A museum print collection and is for sale on the Jealous Gallery website.

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